Tracy Beckerman| Lost In Suburbia| Book Launch & Review

Disclosure: I was given a free copy of this book to review by attending the launch. All opinions are my own. There is an affiliate link in the post where we can be compensated if you purchase this book using this link. Thank you for your support of the site.


I have interacted with Tracy on Twitter and via email for a while. She is hard Not to know as her past status in television. She is a lot of fun, hilarious to read, and super nice and down to earth! I scored an invite for the Book Launch Tour when it came through Charlotte that was coordinated by my fellow Blogger- Tricia from Southern Spark (we do actually know each other IRL, ya know).

Tracy Beckerman. Lost in Suburbia


Tracy is that Rock Star Mom to my Southern Country Life LOL. She had on this awesome blue dress with leather panels down the side. I SO loved it, but I could Not pull it off unless I was on some special trip. I love people that can do that, its just not my personality. Heather, with her claim to fame of Winning!!! Cupcake Wars on TLC supplied her top 3 cupcakes from CupCrazed. Oh boy, were those yummy! The Red velvet with cream cheese icing was so good I tried taking one home to my hubby, but it just did not make it all the way there. Sorry honey, I tried to reward you for watching the kids for me.


Lost In Suburbia is a book about how Tracy became a mom while living in NYC with her fabulous TV job, gave it up when she wanted to be with her kids more than at work, had to move to the suburbs to afford it, Lost herself, and got it back. I was ROLLing, laughing at the stuff that happens, from pregnancy stories to family, to life in small spaces, to surviving those newborn days and dealing with sitters and more. You will relate to what she is talking about in such a real, candid, funny manner. Tracy is one of those people that can tell the story better than you. I could probably tell a story and you go, yep, I agree, that sucks. Tracy could tell the same story but have you in hysterics, kwim, you know those people.


That is why you need this book. You need to realize the HOPE at the end. These days are short and don’t last forever. Be able to laugh at where you are now and know you are not alone. It was so fun.

The launch party for the book was full of bloggers I knew and great people that I was meeting for the first time from publications in the Charlotte area like Charlotte Smartypants, Charlotte Parent, and more. I had fun, ate some great food- Mellow Mushroom, Why have I not eaten that before?

Here is another totally fun collage from that event:

Loved Seeing Maricris from Zensible Life again, meeting Maureen O’Boyle- who is taller than I thought, and Heather from Cupcrazed.



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